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Post-Treatment Instructions: Laser Hair Removal

Application of Lotion or Aloe Vera

Lotion should be applied to the area for rehydration.  If crusting develops it should be allowed to fall off naturally.  Do not scratch or pick crust.  Lotion applied following laser treatment can have a soothing effect.


An antibiotic cream should be used if there is any blistering or break in the skin.  The patient should be instructed to contact the office if there is any indication of infection (redness, tenderness or puss).


Do not shave treated area for 1 to 3 days post treatment if crusting or blistering occurs.  Normal skin care regimens, i.e., makeup, moisturizers, deodorant, shaving my be resumed the day after treatment if there is no redness, blistering or crusting present.



Wash treated area gently with mild soap and water.  If treated area is irritated, the area should not be rubbed with a face cloth or towel.  The area should be gently patted dry.



If the area blisters, extreme caution should be used when applying or removing makeup. The treated area is very delicate and should be treated with care.  Rough removal of makeup can increase the incidence of post treatment complications.


Sun Protection

Sun exposure should be avoided throughout the course of treatment.  A broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater should be applied whenever the area may be exposed to the sun.  If the patient presents with a tan it is recommended that treatment is delayed if using the Alex wavelength for 4 weeks or until the tan has significantly faded, or to use the YAG wavelength.  An increased incidence of blistering has occurred when patients with even slight tans have received laser treatment using the Alex wavelength.  Delayed blistering secondary to sun exposure has been noted up to 72 hours post treatment.



Following the laser treatment activities, such as swimming, sports and/or strenuous exercise should be avoided for the the first 2-3 days, or until any redness, crusting or blisters have resolved.


Follow-up Treatments

Follow-up treatments are scheduled at least in 3-4 week intervals.

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